Website log entry, date 18.4.2020

I realized today that my last update here was in 2018. Shame on me! Well, since it seems to be rare nowadays that I have time to do an update, here we go! 5 new galleries. Last week I bought a new film camera. My Minolta is starting to give indication that without service there's not much life left, and my 2-year-old son is starting to take so many photos that he will get my mother-in-law's Ricoh 35 ZF camera. My line-up from now on will be: digital side of life Fujifilm X-T3 with 23mm f1.4, 56mm f1.2 and 80mm f2.8 and then the analog side of life Nikon FM2n with 50mm f1.4. I have totally fallen in love again, as many times before, but now even more. So five galleries, collected from the photos taken after December 2018. Two sets of analog photos taken with my Minolta XG 1 and Ricoh 35 ZF, films developed by Fotoyks and the negatives scanned by me in the library of Sello in Leppävaara. On the digital world I have started to get a bit deeper into the world of colour science and Fujifilm's awesome film simulations. Because of corona virus my trusted scanning place is closed. Let's see how to recover my work flow... And hopefully this year I have time and energy to update this site more often. I have a feeling I won't lack material to upload.

Website log entry, date 5.12.2018

Minolta XG 1 from 1979. All our childhood pictures were taken with that camera by my mom. No need to do any weathering. It has significant amount of 'wear and tear'. But it works, most of the time. It needs a bit of sealing tape to stop light leaking in. Those are just minor adjustements after each film. I've tried now Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400, Kodak Ultramax 400 and Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35mm films. I tried for the first time ever black & white, and I loved it. Extremely time consuming but very exciting process from putting the film in, patience for choosing what is worth a picture, until one day actually scanning the negatives and enjoying the results. Negatives they develop for me in Fotoyks but scanning I do myself in the library of Sello in Leppävaara (best library in Finland for 2018 btw!). To me it's mindblowing how the mindset changes when going from digital photography to analog. This has become my long term hobby. Thanks a million mom! :)

Website log entry, date 17.11.2018

More than a year since the last update. Our little boy has rightfully stolen our time and hearts :) This was a mega upload with four new galleries. Early this year we went to Valencia to see the Fallas festival after many years of break. The whole spring was planning and preparations of moving from Madrid to Espoo, Leppävaara to be more specific. Pictures from spring to the summer and the transition is captured in one gallery. Third gallery is from September´s Helsinki Crusing Night. That event really gives the goosepumps with the smell and sound of V8s in the dark night. The fourth, and for now the final gallery, is about the magnitude of mushrooms this warm and wet autumn provided. The variety, colours and shapes just got me going nuts with the camera and the forests of Leppävaara and Ikaalinen.

Website log entry, date 28.10.2017

I have been busy with our baby, so this time no specific theme, just a wrap up of the past summer. Madrid hosted this year the World Pride. Once again amazing event with lots of smiles and happiness. Closer to autumn more than thousand sheeps visited traditionally Madrid city centre. Some random family trips to Valencia and Aguadulce.

Website log entry, date 22.7.2017

Traditional midsummer fishing trip to the north end of Europe. This time three days of fishing salmon in Tornionjoki, in Finnish Lapland, and after that one week of deep sea fishing in Skjervøy, Norway. Salmon fishing was mainly for gaining new knowledge, but in the Arctic Ocean the catch (and release) was great success. Big halibut (until 80kg) and cod (max 22kg) throughout the week. The last two days were extremely windy, and because of this we couldn't go out much. No fish still in the fjerds at this time of the year. Spring was two weeks late so the water was still too cold.

Website log entry, date 7.7.2017

Pinta Malasaña happened this year 23rd of April. This year they had 100 different artists or groups painting each one wall or door (persiana) in the Malasaña neighbourhood of Madrid. Weather was great and a lot of people were exploring the streets to see the progress of the works. Some fine art was created that day! Really recommendable day even if you happen to be around.

Website log entry, date 7.4.2017

I've had my Fujifilm X-T1 for two years this summer. I'm still totally fallen in love with the camera. I only have two prime lenses, 23mm F1.4 and 56mm F1.2, but that has been great for learning new ways of taking pictures. I've been going through the folders the last week and realized that I have a lot of unreleased photos that I like myself quite much. I've wanted to work and experiment a bit on colourless photos since long time ago, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Without colours the shapes, shadows and reflections have very different aspect. Note: The gallery page is now ordered to show latest first.

Website log entry, date 10.3.2017

First gallery of 2017. Christmas in Valencia, Reyes in Ikaalinen and after that staying firmly at home, enjoying our home city and hosting some friends every now and then. Finally after almost 6 years in Madrid, we finally visited Reina Sofia museum. What a joyful and interesting three hours. It really is a mandatory visit of Madrid.

Website log entry, date 24.11.2016

One and a half months visiting Helsinki because of work, including one quick weekend trip to Ikaalinen. From sunny and colourful autumn days to cold and snowy early winter, which is rare nowadays with global warming. Some of the photos are from this year's last Helsinki V8 night and Helsinki book fair. Quite a big selection, but it was hard to leave anything out.

Website log entry, date 17.9.2016

Four months break and busy summer, but finally a 50 strong summer compilation from here and there. As usual lots of things happening in Madrid. Gay pride was as cool and happy as ever. Next year world pride will be big. Midsummer in Ikaalinen and Kuivasjärvi. After that road trip in Slovakia. What an incredible country that is. Not much tourism yet so perfect destination. People, food and landscapes are just superb. Our flight was to Vienna so some photos from there are as well. Next in line was 16-hour-hiking in Pyrenees mountains. From 4am to 8pm, achieving for the first time 3000m altitude mark. Later some Perseids meteors, kayaking and adventuring in the north part of León and back to Madrid to host friends and eat very well.

Website log entry, date 8.5.2016

Double update this time. Last 5 weeks I have been in Greece for a business trip. Now I'm back for awhile so I thought it's a good moment to update some Greece photos, and additionally I've had pending all the spring trip photos. Spring gallery has content from Sierra de Guadarrama, Elciego and the surrounding area, Almería and Sierra de Segura. Greece photos have been taken in Athens and the surrounding areas, Dimitsana, Sunio, Epidavros and Nafplion.

Website log entry, date 31.1.2016

Trip to Islas Galápagos in Ecuador, with completely open plan. Our low budget trip didn't include any cruises, so the plan was to explore everything by ourselves what you possibly can in the main islands. Additionally we selected 3-4 day or half a day tours based on comments from other travellers, local people and some research. From the main islands, time booked for Isabela had to be extended. Isabela is a non-touristy place for great relaxation and snorkeling without any hurry. Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz was too busy and touristy, but since many trips start from there, we stayed the longest time there. It was the end of the high season so booking hostels the day before was no problem. Anyway, about the pictures: since the animals are fearless, 85-400mm zoom lens was not really needed. I only used it twice. Most of the photos are with 23mm lens. Purely amazing location! More information about the trip in Finnish: Meriharakka - Galapagos omatoimisesti

Website log entry, date 4.1.2016

Photo collection of our winter vacation trip to Finland. Christmas at home with family and New Year in Saariselkä, in Finnish Lapland. Although the vibrant colours of the polar nights and mid-winter daytime are well visible in the photos, I don't think the photos can express the pure magic of the place. It's a must visit. We faced all the weathers during our week, freezing clear sky nights with northern lights to 5-meter-visibility blizzards. Snow shoe hiking, cross-country skiing and aurora hunting are pure pleasure, but right clothing is more than needed.

Website log entry, date 8.12.2015

Last gallery of the year is capturing our long weekend in Rome. What comes to city tourism in Europe, this city is hard to beat. From historical sites via Trastevere to Vatican City, Rome has such a mix to offer to anyone. I regret I had pasta only once a day.

Website log entry, date 28.10.2015

Landscapes, cities and other captures from the trips here and there. Not exactly a clear path to follow in the pictures, just something I like. More to come some day...

Website log entry, date 12.10.2015

Completely new theme: FOOD. It can be art, fast food, weird food, desserts or tapas. Mostly from Spain, some from Japan, one Transylvanian "Kürtosh" and half empty cup of tea from Azores. For castronomy related questions of Madrid, don't hesitate to drop me a mail. Cheers!

Website log entry, date 6.10.2015

Two brand new galleries uploaded! Months of searching the hard drives to find my favourite bird and animal photos. Both selections are not exactly small. What you see in the galleries is mostly wildlife. Normally I don't use any photos of captive animals unless the picture has something special worth publishing. In the animal gallery the picture of a tiger in Helsinki zoo and the one of a (dangerous looking) snake are obviously not wildlife. I feel like next I'm going through some landscape photos.

Website log entry, date 22.9.2015

After a short break it's time to update the gallery with more people. The first 11 photos are brand new material and the rest are collected from old galleries. The new material is mainly from Madrid. People are back from summer vacation and the city is alive again.

Website log entry, date 16.8.2015

Third selection from old galleries, cities. Storage drives (in addition to old gallery folders) are flooded with city related material, so it's very difficult to choose. Sequel or two will follow some day. Countries represented in the gallery: Japan, Australia, Chile, Finland, Spain, England, Scotland, The United States of America, Israel, India, Armenia, Romania, France and Turkey.

Website log entry, date 9.8.2015

Second compilation of the old galleries series, themed Colours. It's not a surprise that flowers provide the most of the colours in the selection of photos, but you can also find for example 'whiskey barrel interior black' and 'paper white'. The photo of 'Fábrica' was taken at the only tea plantation in Europe, in Azores. The photo of coloured glass is the ceiling of the reception of Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

Website log entry, date 6.8.2015

First compilation in the series of "old galleries" with many previously unreleased photos. The title of the gallery is "People", which doesn't really need many explanations. Photos are taken during the last 6 years all around the world.

Website log entry, date 2.8.2015

Iceland, personally the 31st country to visit, and the only missing country of the Nordic countries, and it turned out to be like another planet. One week definitely wasn't enough for Iceland, so we (group of 12 friends) narrowed down the adventures to south and south-west part of the island. From gaysiers to glaciers and hotels to tenting and hot springs to waterfalls, everything was staggeringly pretty and interesting to explore. We were really lucky with the weather, just some random showers but otherwise sunny or partly cloudy and 10-15 degrees. Highly highly recommendable! Please feel free to ask any tips.

Website log entry, date 11.7.2015

Gallery beta version ready to be set online for testing. First gallery uploaded to the site is from Madrid Gay Pride 4.7.2015. Incredible event to see happy people just dancing and enjoying. It was extremely hot even close to midnight so the Madrid firemen were helping people to stay cool.

Website log entry, date 10.7.2015 redesign project started. The site core design is based on 'magnetic' template by Pixelhint. Photo content of the site will be refreshed. The plan is to have more themsed sets of photos. Gallery design is the only major pending task for the site.